woman on a white bridal dress holding her phone and gettting her makeup doneImage Source: Unsplash

Bridal Beauty on a Budget: Smart Financial Planning for Wedding Hair and Makeup


You can easily find yourself in a financial quandary when planning your big day. Because whether you opt for a grand or minimalistic wedding, the venue, food, attires, and of course, your glam and style can still cost a fortune. And given that a wedding is one of the best things that can happen to a girl, we’re willing to spend a lot of money on that one special day. 


But what if we tell you that there are ways to save money on your wedding look and still get that bridal glow? We know how long you’ve dreamed of walking down the aisle, wearing the best dress, and looking as beautiful as ever. So here are some tips to look stunning on your special day without going over your budget. 

Know Your Budget

First things first—figure out the budget for your hair and makeup. You must learn how to handle your money wisely to ensure you won’t go broke after your big day. Create a budget plan, prioritizing the venue, food, and wedding attire. The remaining funds can be allocated to your cosmetics and other things for your wedding.  

Search for Bridal Hair and Makeup Inspos

Once you know your budget limit, try to search for wedding makeup inspirations. Pick at least three to five bridal looks. Having these ideas ready can save you a little money in decision-making, especially if your hair and makeup stylist charges per hour. From those inspos, try to ask for their opinion and recommendation to get you the best look for your wedding day.

Stock Makeup Supplies 

It’s also best to stock makeup supplies before your wedding day, especially if you’re planning a DIY. Buy hair accessories and beauty products months leading up to your wedding because they tend to be expensive. One makeup kit can actually cost a hundred dollars. Therefore, it’s not advisable to buy everything you need at once. 


In addition to saving money, having makeup supplies in advance removes the last-minute chaos that can ruin your wedding mood. Even if you don’t have makeup on yet, you’ll look as bright as ever.

Do It Yourself 

Perhaps the most budget-friendly option is doing your own bridal makeup. With the rise of the internet, you can just watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and practice on your own. It’s an advantage if you know how to sketch and make art because mixing colors and excellent hand control are important in makeup. One wrong stroke of the brush can ruin the entire look. 


Weeks or months before your wedding, try to recreate different makeup ideas. Practice at least thrice a week before your D-day. Once you learn the techniques, it will be easy for you to do your ideal bridal look.

Ask Your Relatives or Friends 

Another way to save money is by asking your artistic friend or relative to do your makeup and hairstyling. Aside from the family discount, they can even do those for free. However, of course, give them a gift as a token of appreciation if they refuse to charge you.


With their help, you can save money and be more comfy with the hands of someone you already trust. Just don’t miss to ask for a trial prior to the wedding, so you can feel at ease when they do the entire thing on your big day.

Check Out Discounts and Book Artists in Advance 

Various artists provide deals and discounts to their customers, so always be on the lookout. Also, booking them long before your wedding can help you save more, especially if your big day will be held during the peak season. Given that makeup artists and hair stylists cater to multiple clients, last-minute bookings can cost more.

Look for an All-In-One Hair and Makeup Artist

The best way to avoid a wedding beauty disaster is by getting help from a professional. And nowadays, the one who does makeup also knows how to handle hairstyling. If you can find someone like this, you will save a lot more than hiring two different people. But if you can’t, make sure to hire people from the same studio to save time and money for their travel. You may also opt for choosing these kinds of artists:

Your Go-To Stylists in the Regular Salon 

If you have your fave hair stylist in a regular salon, try to ask if they can offer their services for your wedding. If they know how to do makeup too, the better. You may also ask for a discount if you find a friend in them.

Professional’s Assistants 

The majority of professional stylists with their own studios have their assistants. See if you can book one or two of them to do your hair and makeup. You can get the same level of expertise for a fraction of what hiring a renowned stylist would cost.

Cosmetology Students

They’re often looking for opportunities to practice and create their professional portfolio. Therefore, they tend to charge a lot less than professionals, and you’re sure that they’ll give their best efforts to create your bridal look. Hiring them to do your hair and makeup can be a win-win for both of you. 

Leave the Touch-Up to Yourself

Instead of hiring your makeup artist for the entire day for touch-ups, it’s better to leave that work to your own. You may also ask your maid of honor to do your touch-ups. All these can cut a significant amount of money.

The Bottom Line

Your wedding hair and makeup shouldn’t always be that expensive. You just have to be resourceful and look for opportunities where you can cut costs. By following our few tips above, you’re sure to create a stunning look that can draw everyone’s eyes without them knowing that you didn’t spend a fortune on it.