Every bride wants to look her absolute best on the day of her wedding. But with so much to do and worry about, it can be all too easy to overlook some of the important steps that need to be taken when preparing for your big day.

With a few simple tips, though, you can make sure that your beauty plan goes off without a hitch. Read on for seven essential tips to ensure an easy, stress-free wedding beauty prep.

7 Tips to Avoid Any Beauty Blunders During Your Wedding

1. Choose a makeup artist & hair stylist you trust.

To ensure that you look picture-perfect for your special day, it’s important to select a makeup artist and hair stylist who can deliver exactly what you have in mind. Do your research first; look at their portfolios, read reviews from previous clients, and if possible get a trial session before making up your mind. That way you can make sure that they understand the overall look you’re going for and that their work meets your standards.

If possible, it’s also worth getting referrals from friends or family who have had great experiences with particular artists in the past.

2. Buy quality hair and makeup products.

When it comes to hair and makeup, quality matters. Investing in high-end products will be worth it in the long run–they will help keep your look fresh throughout the entire day, while cheaper options may not stand up as well against sweat and other elements. Be sure to do some research beforehand–figure out which brands offer high-quality products that are right for your skin type and budget.

Also, it’s important to make sure that any product used by a professional stylist is hypoallergenic or non-comedogenic if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

3. Plan ahead and stick to your budget.

Make sure that all of your beauty needs (hair, makeup, nails) are taken care of well in advance of the big day so there won’t be any last-minute surprises. A good rule of thumb is to book as far ahead as possible so that you have enough time to make decisions without feeling rushed. And don’t forget about a budget! It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to beauty treatments so be sure not to overspend–unless you really want to!

4. Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep isn’t just essential for feeling rested and energized on your big day—it also plays an important role in looking great too. Not getting enough rest can lead to dull skin, dark circles under your eyes, and even breakouts. So, plan ahead and make sure you get plenty of good quality shut-eye leading up to the big event!

5. Stay hydrated and eat well.

Hydration is key when it comes to looking good as you exchange wedding bands with your loved one. Drinking plenty of water throughout the days leading up to the wedding will help keep skin hydrated and plump, as well as help flush out toxins from the body so you look radiant from head-to-toe. Eating healthy meals full of fresh fruits and veggies can also go a long way towards keeping skin clear and glowing. And don’t forget about snacks! Eating small snacks throughout the day will help keep energy levels up so that you have no problem dancing late into the night.

6. Don’t overdo it.

When doing your own makeup or having someone else do it for you, remember that less is more on your wedding day–especially if you opt for dramatic eye makeup or bold lipstick colors like red or purple. You don’t want anything too heavy or over-the-top because this could take away from the natural beauty of yourself and/or bridal party members. Instead, focus on creating an overall glow with subtle shades and highlight areas like cheeks and eyes with shimmery colors for added sparkle!

7. Pack an emergency kit.

No matter how well you plan, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong on your wedding day. To make sure you’re prepared for anything, put together an emergency beauty kit with all the essentials like makeup remover wipes, foundation, concealer, powder, lip gloss, and more. That way if any last-minute touch-ups are needed, you’ll be ready. Moreover,, it’s a good idea to bring along some extra bobby pins, hairspray, and other supplies in case the weather causes your hair or makeup to go awry.

Wrapping Up

Planning for weddings can be overwhelming, as there are so many details involved when prepping for such an important event in one’s life. However, making sure everything related to beauty goes smoothly doesn’t have be stressful either! By following the seven essential tips above, you’ll feel confident knowing that come wedding day, everything related to beauty will go off without a hitch–that all attention can remain where it should be: on celebrating love and marriage with friends and family surrounded by joy and happiness!

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Text by Katie Pierce