In this post I have spotted some of my artist work as a Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Indeed destination weddings are getting a lot more popular in this area nowadays.While our hearts initially melted over the toddler’s sweet post-trim smile, our eyes then immediately turned to this amazing work.

“But every one of us got our hairs done, and we feel fine! PS. I will capture the girls cuts one way or another… they can’t hide forever.””You have to have the right amount of hair,” explains Appleton, adding that an inch on either side of the part is the almost perfect rule of thumb. As for the length? “It has to frame the jaw,” he says. “If it’s too long, it just kind of sticks out.” And while some opt for a ponytail or textured bun to collect the majority of the hair, Appleton usually goes for something a bit tighter. “I always like to leave the rest of the hair snatched and slicked behind it,” he says, which helps the look feel “a bit more modern.”

Such a demand for hair and make up in this destination wedding niche is amazing! And we have to be prepared to thrill the Bride and her bridesmaids with a big WOW factor!.

Tastes like every day i have a new  desire! Keep improving the technics and long lasting bridal up-do and make up.   I have been in so many different ambients, with distinct minds and feelings.

Therefore delivering the perfect experience with my bride and bridesmaids during their hair and make up is exquisite in the world of creation  putting the hands on and make it happen!

Take a look of some of my work experience:

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